Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Mashup

I at least got to watch one winner from the Dallas area yesterday. Crossing the finish line first in the 5k portion of the Too Cold to Hold race is Dane Conley from Plano, TX.

His left shoe finished second along with Brandon Douglas also from Plano, TX.

Check out Brians shot over at Texas Daily Photo. You never know who will show up.

What to say about the Dallas Cowboys? I could just repost this from last year. The one time I pull for them to win and the offense blows it.

Next weeks games should at least be exciting. Saints/Vikings both high scoring fun teams to watch. Colts/Jets a rematch of the game Dec. 27. The Colts rested many of their starters in the second half in the Dec. game and many of the Colts fans want this rematch to show the Jets their win was a fluke.

The Terrell Tigers boys basketball team travels just down the road on 80 to take on the Forney Jackrabbits Tuesday night. The girls team plays Forney here the same night.

Noticed signs yesterday near the senior apartments of an unwelcome and unregistered neighbor.