Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday bonus

Skywatch is on Friday, but I want to post this picture and I already have one I like for SWF. This is Six Flags over Texas taken while going 60mph, no I wasn't driving.


Sharon said...

Great shot. It's hard to believe you were going that fast. The shot is so clear. It has a surreal look to it.

lizziviggi said...

I love the skeletal black silhouettes against that gorgeous colored sky. Very nice shot!

Jacob said...

Holy crap! You did a great job with this...Must have shot it head on, though, which is an easier angle to get a sharp photo.

Great colors, too, Jim.

Did I read that Six Flags Over Texas was shut down or was shutting down? Maybe it was another Six Flags.

We've been to this one - a number of years ago when our kids were young. Great fun.

Kim said...

Wowie zowie Jim! I love this shot. The amusement park as art form! Kudos on such a sharply focused shot while moving.