Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cowboy Crazy

This is Sabrina, she occupies the cubicle across from mine. She is Cowboy crazy. I am rooting for the Cowboys this weekend against Brett Favre, I was told if the Cowboys lose they will
blame it on me.

Anyone know why I yawn when working out? Its not a lot, but usually when I am warming up. I have looked online and really don't accept any of the answers I have found:

  • I'm sleepy (duh)
  • I am bored (I like to work out)
  • My brain isn't getting enough oxygen (I'm not using my brain, it don't need no stinkin oxygen)
  • It relieves stress (I AM NOT STRESSED OUT)

I am trying to transition from the lottery class to the investor class. My first stock purchase tells me maybe I should stick to the lottery. Its down 10% since I bought it on Monday.

Brian as been posting at Texas Daily Photo but is not updating on the blog roll. Be sure to check his site out.

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Olivier said...

J'adore cette folie autour des matchs de Foot Us....

Small City Scenes said...

I think I am turned off on sports for awhile. I don't want the Cowboys to win either but sometimes you have to root for someone just so you won't root for the other. LOL MB

JM said...

Hi, Sabrina! :-)

brian stout said...

anytime one of your stocks go down, just buy more of it!! it'll lower your cost per share average and when it goes back up you'll make it all back and then some!

You've been investing in lotto for quite some time, how's that little nest egg coming along? ;)