Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cowboy Crazy

This is Sabrina, she occupies the cubicle across from mine. She is Cowboy crazy. I am rooting for the Cowboys this weekend against Brett Favre, I was told if the Cowboys lose they will
blame it on me.

Anyone know why I yawn when working out? Its not a lot, but usually when I am warming up. I have looked online and really don't accept any of the answers I have found:

  • I'm sleepy (duh)
  • I am bored (I like to work out)
  • My brain isn't getting enough oxygen (I'm not using my brain, it don't need no stinkin oxygen)
  • It relieves stress (I AM NOT STRESSED OUT)

I am trying to transition from the lottery class to the investor class. My first stock purchase tells me maybe I should stick to the lottery. Its down 10% since I bought it on Monday.

Brian as been posting at Texas Daily Photo but is not updating on the blog roll. Be sure to check his site out.

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