Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday bonus

Here are a few more from outside Cowboys stadium. Its hard to imagine just how huge this place is.

The Terrell Tigers basketball teams are in action tonight. The boys travel to Mabank, while the girls are home against the same school. The boys soccer team is suppose to be in action tonight at home. Field conditions may change that, its been raining since Thursday afternoon.

Brian and I had applied for the Terrell Citizens Police Academy but they didn't have enough people apply. It was to be held every Tuesday night starting the same night that Lost returns. I guess Lost will not have to be recorded.


Jacob said...

Quite dramatic...this must be the new stadium, right?

How come we can build things like this and it's so hard to build decent schools?

AVCr8teur said...

What an interesting building! Your 3rd picture makes it look like some kind of spaceship. I attended the local Citizens Police Academy years ago and now I'm volunteering on a regular basis to take photos and do basic setup for the class. Hope you get into the next session.