Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday night baseball

I didn't plan on posting any pictures from Thursday nights baseball game, but I have one that turned out ok, and I posted two videos to you tube that are pretty good.

This is Logan Smith 3rd baseman for the Tigers getting a single
to right field that scored a run. You can see the ball in the upper
right part of the picture.

The Tigers scored their first run on a wild pitch. I was standing
right behind the backstop and had a great view.

This is Terrell CF Cody Weishaar making a nice catch off the bat of Kolton Browning.

The photo above is from this clip. Logan Smith singles to right to score a run.


Julie said...

you are a true fan and getting some great photos of the action. I am glad you enjoyed the unique cactus on my site. I will have more Chihuly and cactus coming up and a hopefully interesting tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West over the next few weeks.

Abe Lincoln said...

Your two videos are very good. I liked the photos too but the videos were tops.

Boise Diva said...

You're quite a sports photo!

Wanda said...

Jim, you are such a great Sportsman!!!

Love all you do with your sport shots and videos.


Lynette said...

Love that action shot, Jim. I can't ever get videos to play very well on my computer, doggone it.