Saturday, April 25, 2009


Terrell lost 3-2 to Forney Friday night. Michael has some great shots from the baseball and softball game. Head over to his site, Obstructed View to check them out.

Hopefully, we are off to bet on the horses today. Maybe I
will hit the super and win enough for a big camera. :-)


Dan said...

Nice action shots here. Love the last one where you caught the bean in mid-flight.

Did you happen to notice the news story about the high schooler in Missouri who was struck and killed by a wild pitch? What a tragedy!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh no--I am sorry they lost. Does that put them out of the play-offs?

Jacob said...

Good luck with the horses...just don't bet your house...and this camera does a fine job. As Ken Rockwell says, it's not the camera!

Great shots here!

Marcel said...


You are still taking great shots and I still enjoy stoping by when I get a chance!