Saturday, April 18, 2009

BBQ cook-off at the Jubilee

A little rain couldn't keep people from heading out to the Heritage Jubilee Saturday. The Jubilee continues Sunday, bring out the family. Here are a few pictures of the BBQ cook-off. I will post pictures of the car show tomorrow.

Sundays lineup includes a motorcycle show, frisbee dogs and entertainment on the stage.

These people are serious about their BBQ.

This is the judging tent during the chicken competition.

Catchy name

Cooks lined up to check in their chicken


Betty Flocken said...

HA!!! Love that tee shirt. Looks like a lot of fun

Tricia said...

Wow. I must have just missed ya. I was hanging out at the judging area for a while. Actually, I was there until they finished chicken.

Lynette said...

OK. This is such a cool series of photos of people obviously smitten, badly bitten, by a love of BBQ! I cannot believe that six-shooter, that T-shirt, or that buckin' bull! Thanks, Jim. And our posts are side-by-side on the portal--neat!

Jacob said...

Guns "R" Us.

Looks like a good time!

Small City Scenes said...

BBQ is very serious in Terrell--for sure. It really looks like lots of fun. I bet you enjoyed yourself. I liked all the extras too. MB