Saturday, May 30, 2009

Terrell Spring Football 2009 version

Last night was the annual Spring football scrimmage that ends the spring practice.

Players got a chance to try out a new offense.

and coaches got a chance to yell, OK maybe not yell, but speak with a raised voice.
2008 version is here.


Julie said...

strong colors and action shots of hard work and goal-setting. I am glad you enjoyed the cactus flower and bud photo on my site

Jacob said...

I didn't play football in high school, but I was a gymnast. Our coaches didn't speak with raised voice, they yelled and were quite profane. That was a long time ago before the powers-that-be worried about such stuff.

What's the name of the team: The Terrible Terrell Terrors?

That's not bad, right?

Small City Scenes said...

It looks too hot for football. Nice sharp pics though. MB

B Squared said...

Schools here are cutting back on sports next year. Not sure how football will be impacted. It is, like Texas, more of a religion than sport. Go Gators!!!