Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lake Texoma high water

Well, back from my short break. We spent the long weekend up at Lake Texoma. Kim celebrated her 35th birthday. There has been quite a bit of rain on the TX/OK border pushing the lake level higher than normal. Below is a picture taken Sunday of the dock at Texins.

In the picture above, to the right of the picnic table are two trees and a sign. You can barely make out a horizontal line, that's the railing for the steps that are suppose to lead down to the docks. You can see one dock out of the water to the right of the rails. The lattice at the far right is the fish house, its used to clean fish and at the time of the picture had a few inches of water in it. You can see how high the water was by the debris in the parking lot. You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it and see everything.

The picture below is from our trip to Lake Texoma in April. You can see the same fish house in the center of the photograph, and the steps that were attached to the railing. The water level is where the vehicles are at. The docks we were on are now behind the fish house and part of the dock is what you can see in the top picture that has buckled.

Other than the high water and sunburn, we had a great time. I'll post a few more pictures the rest of the week.