Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Terrell 7 on 7 week 4, the Sabian Hubbard show

Sometimes you can't stop someone no matter what you try to do.  Palmer and Kaufman found that out Tuesday night when they couldn't stop Terrell WR Sabian Hubbard.  He scored 7 touchdowns in two games leading Terrell to wins in both games.  The win over Kaufman was in the Championship game of the Kaufman 7 on 7 league. Terrell and Kaufman will meet August 26th in Terrell in the regular season opener.


Olivier said...

encore de belles photos de Foot us a 7

Kate said...

Again, your action shots tell the story! The red for your Terrell team certainly are photographic.

Lynette said...

Great shots, Jim! Congrats to the Tigers! Not only can that young man catch a pass, he certainly knows the best barber around--love his hair cut!

Here's how I think you "missed" seeing me Saturday. As you stood near your $300,000 Ferrari, the sun's glare off that red road-eating monster meant you "missed" seeing me snap the photos I put on the blog today!