Monday, June 20, 2011

The results are in

Saturday was the 6th Annual Pioneer Days 5K in Eustace, TX.  This was the second year to run this race.  Eustace is a small town but they have a nice race.  This year they had 115 runners, the second most since they started the race.  It would be nice to get a crowd that size in Terrell next year.  My time was just off my best.  I finished in 33:26, my best time is 33:23 at the Mardi Gras run in Richardson earlier this year.  I ended up beating Brian by about 20 seconds.

Here is a runner checking for his name.  I had to wait until the second board was put up, I finished 64th overall.


Olivier said...

felicitation pour ton resultat. c'est super

Jacob said...

Pretty good times, Jim! Glad all went well!

Lynette said...

Proud of both of you, Jim. I imagine it was pretty warm, no matter how early the race started.

Steve C said...

Very nice! I've just started my fourth month of running and enjoying it quite more than I was expecting.

I do wish I could send some of this rain your way. We have more coming in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before we get a dry weekend.