Monday, January 31, 2011

Terrell, Texas Monday Morning Mashup

We are getting ready for a drastic weather swing tonight and tomorrow.  The high temperature was 71 degrees Sunday.  Tuesday we are expecting sleet and freezing rain with wind chill factors in the single digits.

This Thursday on CBS  is the Super Bowls Greatest Commericals.  I have mentioned Cilla on here before, she is the owner of Saint Cox Dog Resort.  One of her dalmatians, Do-Re-Mi, will be part of the CBS show.  I have my DVR set to record it.  Do-Re-Mi has his own Facebook page.  

I uploaded 2 albums to the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page.  I have some pictures from the Terrell Lady Tigers basketball game against Forney, and an album of shots from the first baseball practice of the year.   Check out the photos, if you see someone you know, tag them, and make sure you suggest the page to your friends.  

This is a busy week for Tigers sports, soccer and basketball are both going strong and on Saturday, weather permitting, is the 100 inning baseball game.  Check out the Tigers on for the daily schedule.  

This is also a busy week for Super Bowl party's.  My invites must have been lost in the mail.  I did hear that I could go see Prince Friday night for only $1500 a ticket. 

We went to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo yesterday.  The rodeo was sold out, but thats only a small part of whats going on.  I'll have another picture tomorrow from Fort Worth and an album up on Facebook later this week.

The Caveman Crawl is June 18th.  Today is the last day for early bird registration.  Last year Brian and I went out and took pictures of the runners.  This year I want to run the course, but I also want to take pictures.  We were excited to see that they used some of our pictures for this years website.

Its neat to see someone be able to use your pictures for something, like Caveman Crawl. Of course, they have permission.  Not so neat to see your pictures someplace you didn't approve of, or for someone to use my site as a source of info and not give credit.

Remember when you had to hit a button with your foot that was on the left side of the floor board to turn on your bright lights?