Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Chocolate

Brian and I ran in the Post Addison Circle Hot Chocolate 5K & 10K yesterday.  I ran the 5K, he ran the 10K.  The roads were a bit wet, but the temperature was in the 40s. It was a fun race.

Brian has a photo posted of him coming up to the finish line that I took.

Walking back to the car I took a shot of these oak leaves and acorns.


Kate said...

It's encouraging to see something other than snow! Thanks for the link, too; your friend doesn't look the worse for wear, either!

SRQ said...

Acorns & oak leaves -- a classic combo. NIce pic of Brian approaching the finish. Glad you two survived!

brian stout said...

thanks for the pic(s)! i'll try not to look like i'm 'dying' next time!