Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Playoff information

I remember collecting pine cones when I was a kid.
Not sure why I did it, I just remember doing it.

These are just off the sidewalk up the street from my house.

Terrell ISD has posted Tiger football playoff information on their website.

The important stuff:
The Tigers will be the home team.
Pre-Sale Tickets: $4.00 (students)/$7.00 (adults)(available at Athletic Complex beginning Wednesday)
Cost at Gate: $8.00
Parking Fee: $5.00
Game Time: 2:00PM

Stadium address: 1400 South 14th Street, Midlothian, TX.
More stadium info from the Midlothian ISD website.

Check Cliffs site and the Tribune later this week for I am sure more information.

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Week 9 NFL picks 8-5, record for the year is 84-45. My fantasy football team won, moving my record up to 5-4.