Monday, November 23, 2009

Kountry Kitchen

Had breakfast at Kountry Kitchen the other morning. They have moved into the spot that used to be the Flamingo Grill. The operators of the Flamingo Grill have opened up a sports bar at another location.

I had sausage gravy and biscuits, very good.

I watched the American Music Awards last night. Not so much for the awards, but for the performances. I saw some home runs and a few strikeouts.

The best performance of the night was hands down Mary J. Blige, she sounded as great as she looked.

I also enjoyed Eminem, Green Day, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston.

Striking out was Adam Lambert, his performance wasn't bad, but I didn't like the song. If that's a sample of the music on his new album, I will not be downloading it.

I also could pass on Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z and Timbaland.


Olivier said...

merci de me faire connaitre Mary J. Blige, je ne connaissais pas, c'est pas mal du tout

Rambling Round said...

I bet this restaurant is a favorite in Terrell. Most everybody down South loves country cookin'.

Kate said...

The restaurant looks like a cozy place. The tablecloths really help the decor.

B SQUARED said...

I gave up on those music award shows. Although, I might watch them from the Kountry Kitchen.

brian stout said...

Koffe kake, kountry kitchen... One would think you lived in kaufman!

Jacob said...

No eggs? What kind of Texas breakfast has no eggs? And what about grits?

Sheesh! :-)))

Small City Scenes said...

Looks like a homey kind of place. Please order for me and I'll be right down. MB

Tricia said...

didn't watch it, but cool shot of Kountry Kitchen!