Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tigers earn All District honors

Terrell Tigers district recognized players, posted by the Terrell ISD.

15-4A All District Players

Defensive Player Of the Year= Dwight Kennedy

#1 Dwight Kennedy has his sights set on the Waco U
running back.

1st Team Players
Running Back Ski Spencer
Wide Receiver Jherrod Stiggers
Offensive Lineman Colton Bodine
Defensive Back LB Williams
Linebacker Matavious Morris

2nd Team Players
QB Guy Kennedy
Running Back Adrian Oliver
Offensive Lineman Trey Bodine
Offensive Lineman Quarick Carter
Wide Receiver Pat Morris Jr.
Tight End Cale Wardlaw
Defensive Tackle James Kennedy
Punter Anthony Bridges

Honorable Mention
DB AJ Wells
Center Billy Howard
Linebacker Justin Pendleton

Coaching Staff of the Year


Leif Hagen said...

Jim, could we call you a football fan?? Great sports shots!

Jacob said...

I'm thinking the same as Mr. Hagen: perhaps you ought to get more interested in sports...heh, heh.

Another series of great, colorful shots!

Small City Scenes said...

Great team there.
Wow Jim I remember when you started taking action shots and now---excellent!!!
You've come a long way, baby!! MB