Thursday, November 12, 2009

Almost got the shot

This was taken last Saturday at the 5k run in Rockwall, Texas. The ladies dog was watching the guys dog. It created a funny moment. Just as I went to snap the picture the dogs head moved, causing me to move the camera. Almost had a neat shot.

Christina informed me yesterday that there is a local store in Kaufman that buys pecans from people. I guess I know why people trespass in my yard now.

I have mentioned a couple of times about working out and walking. I am up to walking 5 miles a day and working out for an hour. I find it amusing when people slap on a pedometer go about their normal day, then brag about how much they have walked. I don't think walking the same amount you have walked for years will help you get in shape or lose weight. But maybe I am wrong.

The Lady Tigers basketball team season is underway. I am going to try to make it to a few games this year. I usually get to as many boys home games as I can.

There is talk of the Texas Rangers bringing back Milton Bradley. I would love for the Rangers to trade for him.......of course, I don't like the Rangers and I like to watch train wrecks.

NFL week 10 begins tonight, the Niner's are taking on the Bears. Here are my NFL picks a day early.

Chicago 4-4 (Road: 1-3)
xSan Francisco 3-5 (Home: 2-2)

xAtlanta 5-3 (Road: 1-3)
Carolina 3-5 (Home: 1-2)

Tampa Bay 1-7 (Road: 0-3)
xMiami 3-5 (Home: 2-2)

Detroit 1-7 (Road: 0-4)
xMinnesota 7-1 (Home: 3-0)

Jacksonville 4-4 (Road: 1-3)
xNY Jets 4-4 (Home: 2-2)

Cincinnati 6-2 (Road: 3-0)
xPittsburgh 6-2 (Home: 4-0)

xNew Orleans 8-0 (Road: 3-0)
St. Louis 1-7 (Home: 0-3)

Buffalo 3-5 (Road: 2-2)
xTennessee 2-6 (Home: 1-2)

xDenver 6-2 (Road: 3-1)
Washington 2-6 (Home: 2-2)

xKansas City 1-7 (Road: 1-3)
Oakland 2-6 (Home: 1-3)

Seattle 3-5 (Road: 0-3)
xArizona 5-3 (Home: 1-3)

xDallas 6-2 (Road: 3-1)
Green Bay 4-4 (Home: 2-2)

Philadelphia 5-3 (Road: 2-1)
xSan Diego 5-3 (Home: 2-2)

New England 6-2 (Road: 1-2)
xIndianapolis 8-0 (Home: 4-0)

xBaltimore 4-4 (Road: 1-3)
Cleveland 1-7 (Home: 0-3)