Thursday, November 12, 2009

Almost got the shot

This was taken last Saturday at the 5k run in Rockwall, Texas. The ladies dog was watching the guys dog. It created a funny moment. Just as I went to snap the picture the dogs head moved, causing me to move the camera. Almost had a neat shot.

Christina informed me yesterday that there is a local store in Kaufman that buys pecans from people. I guess I know why people trespass in my yard now.

I have mentioned a couple of times about working out and walking. I am up to walking 5 miles a day and working out for an hour. I find it amusing when people slap on a pedometer go about their normal day, then brag about how much they have walked. I don't think walking the same amount you have walked for years will help you get in shape or lose weight. But maybe I am wrong.

The Lady Tigers basketball team season is underway. I am going to try to make it to a few games this year. I usually get to as many boys home games as I can.

There is talk of the Texas Rangers bringing back Milton Bradley. I would love for the Rangers to trade for him.......of course, I don't like the Rangers and I like to watch train wrecks.

NFL week 10 begins tonight, the Niner's are taking on the Bears. Here are my NFL picks a day early.

Chicago 4-4 (Road: 1-3)
xSan Francisco 3-5 (Home: 2-2)

xAtlanta 5-3 (Road: 1-3)
Carolina 3-5 (Home: 1-2)

Tampa Bay 1-7 (Road: 0-3)
xMiami 3-5 (Home: 2-2)

Detroit 1-7 (Road: 0-4)
xMinnesota 7-1 (Home: 3-0)

Jacksonville 4-4 (Road: 1-3)
xNY Jets 4-4 (Home: 2-2)

Cincinnati 6-2 (Road: 3-0)
xPittsburgh 6-2 (Home: 4-0)

xNew Orleans 8-0 (Road: 3-0)
St. Louis 1-7 (Home: 0-3)

Buffalo 3-5 (Road: 2-2)
xTennessee 2-6 (Home: 1-2)

xDenver 6-2 (Road: 3-1)
Washington 2-6 (Home: 2-2)

xKansas City 1-7 (Road: 1-3)
Oakland 2-6 (Home: 1-3)

Seattle 3-5 (Road: 0-3)
xArizona 5-3 (Home: 1-3)

xDallas 6-2 (Road: 3-1)
Green Bay 4-4 (Home: 2-2)

Philadelphia 5-3 (Road: 2-1)
xSan Diego 5-3 (Home: 2-2)

New England 6-2 (Road: 1-2)
xIndianapolis 8-0 (Home: 4-0)

xBaltimore 4-4 (Road: 1-3)
Cleveland 1-7 (Home: 0-3)


Rob (Mr DL) said...

Dogs never quite sit still enough. Pocket bling? That is one great thing about photography, you go out walking with the camera. Except sometimes a 1 mile walk around the lake takes 3 hours when you stop to take pictures.

Tanya said...

Dogs are so dang unpredictable! That is awesome, walking 5 miles and a 1 hour work out...I feel like such a slacker with my half hour Curves workout,lol...yes, I agree about the silliness of tracking your regular steps per day and thinking that's exercise haha

Small City Scenes said...

that is the problem with trying to capture a good dog moment. One will ALWAYS turn the head. Love the wide tongue on the guys dog. Looks like my dog.
Yeah, what you do everyday doesn't seem to count, it is going that extra that your body notices.
Keep up the good work. I am pround of you because my going to the gym 3 times a week means nothing to my body. LOL MB

Don J said...

OK.. maybe it's just me, but I'm not convinced you were looking at her dog..... I guess if you say so :-)

Jacob said...

It's no problem, Jim. The part you got sharp is the best part!

B SQUARED said...

I can't disagree with any of these picks.