Monday, August 10, 2009

Ham's Orchard Fudge

Ham's Orchard will close for the season when they close next Sunday, August 16th. We had to take one more trip out there for some peach ice cream.

In addition to ice cream, Ham's also makes their own fudge. I would love to try the caramel pecan cheesecake fudge. The orange cream looks good also. Heck, they all look good.

Click on the picture for a larger view.
You can even make out some of the fudge types on the table.

NFL football on TV last night, it may only be pre-season, but it's here, that's all that matters.

NASCAR postponed due to rain for the second week in a row. I am quickly losing interest.

From GeekSpeak I found a link to Americas Best Haunts. Thrillvania Thrill Park in Terrell has made the top 12 Haunts for 2009.

I think I am going to apply for this, Terrell Citizens University. It's not a reality show, just reality.

Today starts week 2 in my new workout routine.

Ever want to be on The Price is Right? They are holding a contestant search on August 22nd in Hurst, TX. I would be there, but that's the same day of our fantasy football draft.


Olivier said...

je sais pas si je traduis bien, mais un "gâteau de fromage à la crème caramel" cela doit être spécial (Hummm j'essaierais bien ;o) )
I know not so I translate well, but a " cake of soft cream cheese caramel " it must be special (Hummm I would try ;o))

Jacob said...

Caramel pecan cheesecake fudge? My God, I just put on ten pounds writing that?

Why didn't you try it? I mean, in for the ice cream, in for the fudge, if'n you know what I mean!

JM said...

Caramel pecan cheesecake fudge! My mouth is watering now! Your fault! :-)))

Julie said...

what a great hometown feel. I love places like this. i can taste the fudge and the yummy peach ice cream. Thanks for your comments on my site. I am glad you liked the man and the butte and the Phoenix skyline. If you like travel photos, we just put together a travel photos site at I hope all is well.

AVCr8teur said...

I have never heard of a store closing for the season except in Alaska in the winter when no cruise tourists arrive into town. Do they have a half price sale on the last day?

Thank you for your comment on Robosaurus. I think think males and females alike thought the car chewing robot was awesome!