Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hitting the wall

I got home from work yesterday went to dinner and fell asleep. That's what old people do, not sure why it happened to me. I think the long week finally caught up to me. This picture is not from Terrell, but its what I feel like I hit yesterday.

The Terrell Tigers open their 2009 football season tonight at RL Turner in Carrollton at 7PM.

Listen to the game at

I hope Terrell has a better opening than Kaufman and Forney, who both lost close games. Cliff said he will post a recap of the game on the Terrell Tribune's site.

Wade Indoor Arena has their new website up and running. I like the photos, and yes they have permission to use them.

Lone Star High School Rodeo Association is holding the second night of their membership rodeo tonight at the Arena.