Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hitting the wall

I got home from work yesterday went to dinner and fell asleep. That's what old people do, not sure why it happened to me. I think the long week finally caught up to me. This picture is not from Terrell, but its what I feel like I hit yesterday.

The Terrell Tigers open their 2009 football season tonight at RL Turner in Carrollton at 7PM.

Listen to the game at

I hope Terrell has a better opening than Kaufman and Forney, who both lost close games. Cliff said he will post a recap of the game on the Terrell Tribune's site.

Wade Indoor Arena has their new website up and running. I like the photos, and yes they have permission to use them.

Lone Star High School Rodeo Association is holding the second night of their membership rodeo tonight at the Arena.


Jacob said...

Funky post and an appropriate photo to accompany it!

Kate said...

A brick wall, whether it is old or new, makes an interesting photo.

I think I successfully installed my new modem, have new service, and am permanently back online. Hope so!!

Abraham Lincoln said...

A mess. Hope you are feeling better.

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