Sunday, January 22, 2012

Too Cold to Hold 2012

Today was run 2 of the Run Project racing series.  Too Cold to Hold is a 5K/15K at Norbuck Park in Dallas. In all of the Run Project races I am already signed up for the longer distance, so I ran the 15K.
Here are the 2012 Too Cold to Hold results.

The next Run Project race is the Dash Down Greenville in March, but we are signed up for a couple of races in February.

I washed my Ipod (for the 2nd time), after last weekends race.  I got an Ipod Touch as a replacement.  Its nice. This photo was taken with the camera after I finished.  It also takes HD video and can connect to the internet with wi-fi.


Tanya said...

that's awesome, all these races you do...bummer on the ipod washing but at least it's an excuse to get a cool 9 year olds want an ipod touches for their birthday next month....ummmm i don't think surprises me how many kids their age own them...seriously, you're 9, you don't need a cell phone or an ipod touch!

brian stout said...

i want one! congrats on finishing the race.

Cilla said...

Well done, I wouldn't even make 5k