Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shasta Tebowing?

Is the University of Houston mascot Shasta, Tebowing or just taking a break?  I think he was just adjusting his gear. 

Shasta, University of Houston mascot Tebowing on the sideline?

Here are a few other shots from Mondays University of Houston vs Penn States TicketCity Bowl game. All of the shots have been uploaded to the Facebook page.

Patrick Edwards,Houston WR, catches a TD pass in the TicketCity Bowl

Penn State QB Rob Bolden eludes a Houston defender


brian stout said...


Tanya said...

oh that's funny, i like to think he's tebowing!

Kate said...

Athletic team mascots are always so amusing. I'd hate to have to wear the costumes, tho.

Olivier said...

tes photos d'action sont magnifiques, on se retrouve en plein dans l'action, j'adore

SRQ said...

Love the Tebow action! Terrific action shots. You must've had a great time.