Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Occupy Frisco

The attendance for the FBS Championship game played in Frisco, TX. was a sell out with over 20,000 fans in the stadium.  I would guess over half were rooting for the Bison.  Here are some of the North Dakota State fans and their signs.

I'll wrap up my football postings tomorrow with a few Bearkat fans.

NDSU Bison occupy Frisco

QB Brock Jensens big head.  

A green and yellow NDSU Bison clown. 

One happy NDSU fan

There is that big head and the clown again. 


Kate said...

What an exuberant crowd!!

Olivier said...

vive les fans, au moins il y a de l'ambiance

brian stout said...

The fans made the game!

Lowell said...

Who said Texans don't really care about football? Y'all are as nuts as Floridians!

Jest look at all them fan-atics!