Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Keenum breaks records while dispatching Penn State

Houston quarterback Case Keenum set an all time NCAA bowl record by passing for 227 yards in the first quarter of the 2012 TicketCity Bowl.  Keenum finished the game 45 of 69 for 532 passing yards and 3 TDs in the Cougars 30-14 win over Penn State.  Keenum, who was named Most Valuable Player, also set 4 Cotton Bowl Stadium records for most plays, most passing yards, most attempts and completions.

#7 Houston QB Case Keenum 

Cougar Patrick Edwards scores on a 75 yard touchdown pass from Case Keenum, who celebrates in the background. 
Houston Cougar coach Tony Levine's first collegiate win in the TicketCity bowl is capped by a shower of green. 
Houston finished the season 13-1, Penn State finished 9-4.  Pregame pictures are posted on Facebook, more photos to come later tonight.


Lowell said...

I'd swear these were professional photographs! What a great job and what an exciting game. Kudos to Keenum!

Olivier said...

Case Keenum a des statistiques vraiment impressionnante

Kate said...

The red uniforms certainly do enhance the photographs!

SRQ said...

Nice shots! Did you get a sideline pass? You had a terrific vantage point. Love that last pic with the Gatorade bath. My friend visiting from Texas just graduated from U of H law school, so she was pleased with the Cougar victory. She missed her flight back to Houston because the Outback Bowl went into so many overtimes. What a thriller! I'm a happy, exhausted Spartan.

brian stout said...

Who knew keenum could conduct the band too?