Friday, February 29, 2008

Fish Fry Friday in Terrell

One of the things I hated about school growing up was fish on Friday. Every year during Lent we had fish. The square kind, with small bones in them. No tarter sauce or mustard, ketchup, we got to eat it dry. To this day I hate the taste and smell of fish. I will not eat it, no how, no way. Below is a picture of the Knights of Columbus fish fry sign, they have it every year during Lent, to help people stay away meat. Do you have fish frys in your community?

To answer yesterdays question, its the yellow line on the outfield wall at the local ball park. I love baseball and can't wait for it to start. Our High School team has already started its season and is doing pretty well so far. Terrell High School alumni blog and Rambling Round were almost dead on with their guesses. Thanks for all of the guesses.