Wednesday, September 28, 2011

161 down, 1 to go

The St. Louis Cardinals caught the Atlanta Braves last night in the race for the NL Wild Card by defeating the Houston Astros 13-6.  The Cardinals play Houston again tonight while Atlanta has to face Philadelphia.  If the teams are still tied after tonight's game, they will have a one game playoff Thursday in St Louis.  I love football and basketball, but I grew up on baseball in St. Louis.

Of course my picture has nothing to do with the Cardinals.

I have had to cancel the Terrell Photowalk that was scheduled for this Saturday.  Feel free to upload your best Terrell photo to the photowalk website.  You can still be eligible for prizes.  Any picture must be of Terrell and taken on Saturday or Sunday.  There is a walk scheduled for Rockwall at the harbor.

If you are looking for something to do on Saturday, the McClendon-Chisholm VFD is holding their annual Chili-cook off.

Saturday is also the Stevie Ray Vaughn Remembrance Ride and Concert pre-party at East Texas Choppers.


Olivier said...

ca fait ville fantome

Lynette said...

Swinging--makes me think of that wonderful John Anderson song. My uncle's pulling for the Braves, Jim. Sorry. Blood's thicker than ... you know. But I did enjoy a game in St. Louis, back when my 32-year-old Leland was in 6th grade.

Kate said...

There's lots going on over the week-end!

SRQ said...

I'm caught up with wild card fever too --- but, with the Rays. They're down right now 7-0 and the Red Sox-Orioles game is in a rain delay tied at 3. If the Rays lose, they need the Sox to lose also in order to force a playoff game tomorrow. The rain delay is expected to last a couple of hours. This is ridiculous! Too bad your photowalk was cancelled. Is college football getting in the way?

brian stout said...

wow - i can't believe lynette's son was still in 6th grade when he was 32... =)

Lynette said...

I can't decide either, Jim. Scooter? Bike?

I'll be happy Sunday if Junior does well in the race. We shall see.