Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tigers drop to 0-3 in District

The Terrell Tigers were unable to put away the Hawks from Red Oak Friday night losing 9-2.  The Tigers allowed Red Oak to score to 8 times with two outs.  Red Oak scored 3 times in the fourth inning without having to get a hit.  They scored their first 6 runs with only 2 hits.  The Tigers only managed 3 hits and Tiger batters struck out 15 times.


Tanya said...

wow...wasn't a good day to be a tiger! better luck next time guys!

my littlest ones have their first baseball practice of the season this morning! i'm ready to get to the ball park!

Kate said...

Things can't be all bad; spring begins tomorrow!!

Jacob and Lois Anne said...

One of your best action shots.