Sunday, March 27, 2011

6th Street, Austin

Today is the Capitol 10K.  Last night we traveled around Austin.  This is from the roof of Maggie Maes on 6th Street in Austin.

SXSW was last weekend, but they still have the street signs up.


Kate said...

One of my goals is to attend a music fest in Austin. I bet that you're having a great time in a great city.

Olivier said...

Superbe photo de nuit

Lynette said...

Fab photo!

Deannn said...

Hey there, my name is Dean Weldon and I'm in charge of creating a pamphlet for the City of Austin that will be used as a guide to downtown activities and night-life for tourist and guests of the city. I really like your picture here and think it has a great feel of 6th street to it, and would like to know if we may use it in our guide book? I'll check back or you may email me at
Thanks for your time and keep the blogging up!