Thursday, March 24, 2011

How many me's do you see?

The Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page almost has 500 fans. I added some photos from Tuesdays Terrell vs Forney baseball game to Facebook and iHigh.

Don J., photographer/writer/story teller for the Terrell Tribune has a neat post up about baseball photography on his personal site, East Texas Photo.  He posted his view of the same action I posted yesterday.  His last post was a play at first base that I didn't post yesterday, but its the one below.  It was already getting pretty dark, so my shot isn't that great.  It looks like we snapped at the exact same time.  Check out the chalk coming up off the back foot of the runner in both pics.

Don says photography is competitive, and I guess it is. I am always thinking, I wonder what Don's shot looks like.   But, Don always has tips or settings that can help get a better picture. He also has a professional site with some awesome photos for sale.