Monday, February 7, 2011

Terrell, Texas Monday Morning Mashup

This will be my last picture of snow and ice for the year....

The Super Bowl was a good game.  The wrong team won, but it was ok.  The commercials were nothing great.  I saw a couple I liked, but most were lame.

This is a busy week for Terrell High School Athletics.   Check out the revised schedule on ihigh. Ihigh is the website being used by the booster club and we can get paid by the visits, so please click on the link at least once.

In addition to the Warrior Dash, on April 16 & 17 in Roanoke, TX, WD photos album 1 & album 2 and the family friendly Caveman Crawl on June 18th in Bridgeport, TX, CC photos, is the Texas Chicken Run on April 30 & May 1 in Rockwall, TX.  I need to find a way to get pictures from the Chicken Run.  Its not far from Terrell.

I added two photo albums on the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page of the snow and ice.  Click over to see what Terrell looked like last week.  Recommend the page to your friends, and make sure you 'like' the page.

This is at Ben Gill Park.  Check out the ducks walking on the ice. 

.....snow is in the forecast for Wednesday.


Tanya said...

those tx ducks are wondering what the heck! yeah, we were commenting on the commercials too, although that one with the dogs as waiters was pretty cute!

Jacob said...

Don't make promises you can't keep! I mean, you may get a lot more snow which will tempt you to take lots more pictures and you'll want to post them and then what?

Glad you enjoyed the game.

I'm enjoying your cold weather birds! Cute shot!

Kate said...

"The wrong team won!" Wanna fight about it, Jim?! :)

SRQ said...

Those ducks are so cute...and probably so confused!

brian stout said...

they look cold