Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Late night regrets

The drive thru always sounds good late at night.  But after finishing a #3 large combo it doesn't feel so good trying to get to sleep.

The 2011 Terrell Tigers baseball team takes the field tonight at Ben Gill Park for their first game that counts.  Garland Lakeview Centennial will send their varsity squad here, first pitch is scheduled for 6PM.  The Tiger JV team will travel to Garland and their first pitch is 5PM.

The Lady Tigers softball team hosts Poteet today at 4:30PM

Tigers soccer hosts Poteet at Memorial Stadium, game time is set for 7PM
The Lady Tigers soccer team travels to Poteet, their match starts at 7PM

Vote for my photo on ihigh.  You can vote more than once.  I said yesterday I was photo #222.  The link is 222 but my photo is #223. I don't have a chance to win, it looks like some photos are getting over 100 votes an hour, and one photo got over 40,000 votes since last night (nothing fishy there, lol).  But its still nice to know people will vote. You can also visit the Terrell iHigh page.  We always could use the visitors.

I have a 5K race this week, its part of the Cowtown Marathon.  They also run a 10K that Brian will be running.  The race calender is starting to fill up for the Spring.  The Fountain 5K organizers need to get on the ball if they are going to have a run in Terrell during the Jubilee.  There are already over a half dozen races scheduled for that day, including one in Rockwall.