Monday, February 28, 2011

Terrell, Texas Monday Morning Mashup

A short MMM, for a short month. February is already ending, that was fast.

Please vote for my photo in the iHigh contest.  Just click on the baseball player to the right.  I am in the top 25.  Friday they cut it down to the top 10.  Help me make it to the next round.

Saturday was the Cowtown 5K & 10K. I ran the 5K, Brian tackled the 10K. Brian has some shots of the 5K runners nearing the finish line. I think these ladies were getting in a workout before the 5K race. Sunday was the Marathon, Half Marathon and Ultra Marathon.

From Dallas NBC Channel 5:
Cowtown by the numbers:
Kids 5K - 4,540
Adult 5K - 5,457
Adult 10K - 4,344
Half Marathon - 5,944
Marathon - 1,435
Ultra Marathon - 288

Information for the Fountain 5K is finally online.  Its April 16th at 9am.  I hope they have a good turnout, there is a lot of competition on that day, including races in Rockwall and Sunnyvale.

Don't you hate reading something online or in a paper and know that its wrong? Or the person writing or describing the action on television doesn't have a clue about the event or sport?