Monday, February 28, 2011

Terrell, Texas Monday Morning Mashup

A short MMM, for a short month. February is already ending, that was fast.

Please vote for my photo in the iHigh contest.  Just click on the baseball player to the right.  I am in the top 25.  Friday they cut it down to the top 10.  Help me make it to the next round.

Saturday was the Cowtown 5K & 10K. I ran the 5K, Brian tackled the 10K. Brian has some shots of the 5K runners nearing the finish line. I think these ladies were getting in a workout before the 5K race. Sunday was the Marathon, Half Marathon and Ultra Marathon.

From Dallas NBC Channel 5:
Cowtown by the numbers:
Kids 5K - 4,540
Adult 5K - 5,457
Adult 10K - 4,344
Half Marathon - 5,944
Marathon - 1,435
Ultra Marathon - 288

Information for the Fountain 5K is finally online.  Its April 16th at 9am.  I hope they have a good turnout, there is a lot of competition on that day, including races in Rockwall and Sunnyvale.

Don't you hate reading something online or in a paper and know that its wrong? Or the person writing or describing the action on television doesn't have a clue about the event or sport?


Rambling Round said...

Well, I'd say they are hula hooping, something I did as a kid!

Olivier said...

oh du hula hoop, cela me rapelle ma jeunesse, on en faisait en cours de gymnastique et j'etais totalement nul ;o))

Kate said...

I clicked on your photo. Any of your action shots are winners, Jim.

SRQ said...

I voted! Looks like you're doing very well with votes. Btw, you can bet I'll have my camera at the Orioles game!

Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Hula hoops are coming back. I can't make them work very well, but Lois
Anne can go for hours! (Well, that's an exaggeration, but...)

You don't like coffee? How in the world do you get prepared for running a 5K? ;-)

TLR said...

I voted for you.

Halcyon said...

I have never mastered the art of hula-hooping. :(

Lois said...

I voted! Good luck.