Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baseball practice continues

I got a chance to watch the baseball team practice a little last night.  The weather was cold, but they have to take advantage of all the practice time they can get.  Forecast today is for more snow and below freezing temperatures.

A busy night last night makes for a double post today. Visit www.ihigh/terrelltigers for Tiger Sports info.


Tanya said...

oh my gosh, more snow for you?! wow...we're supposed to get snow tonight too but i don't think they are expecting anything to really stick.
these pictures remind me that i need to sign the boys up for baseball today!

Dan said...

I bet they won't be practicing outdoors today! When I was in high school near chicago the baseball team would practice in the gym. So, the rest of us were alway dodging errant baseballs until the weather was nice enough for them to get outside.

Lois said...

You must be really anxious for spring by now! We signed my grandson up for tee ball last weekend and he is so excited.

SRQ said... & snow. Reminds me of a Detroit Tigers home opener I attended years ago. Those young men in your shots must have been chilly practicing after sunset.

brian stout said...

nice night shots

Lynette said...

Super night shots, Jim. You just get better and better. I hope there wasn't too much snow for y'all.