Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yard sale

Lots of yard sales this time of year. This is from our sale last weekend. All of these clothes were nicely folded and sorted when the sale started.

I enjoyed watching the finale of American Idol last night. Not really because of who won, but because of the special guests. Performing on the show was Chicago, Bee Gees, Hall and Oates, Joe Cocker, Alanis Morissette, Bret Michaels and Janet Jackson. Alice Cooper I could live without.

My next 5K is this Saturday in Ennis. Its the Polka Fest Run, held during the National Polka Fest.

We got a nice thunder shower last night, much needed rain.

I am not cool with this.

June 3rd will mark 3 years of Terrell Daily Photo. I am thinking about changing out the banner photos. What do you think?


B SQUARED said...

Change it out and next year could be a 'banner' year.

Lynette said...

Garage sales take an awful lot of effort.

Please always keep the library in your banner.

What a great shot of the motorcycles you have on Tuesday!

I'd love to see you driving that yellow car I shot at Talladega!

Halcyon said...

Did you get sell the whole pile?

I definitely think you should change the banner pictures. Spruce it up with something new! In fact, maybe I'll do the same thing with my blog. It will be 3 in August.

brian stout said...

I agree with lynette... Change it out but keep the library in there somewhere!

Olivier said...

c'est le temps des braderies ;)

Small City Scenes said...

Good luck on the 5K.
time to change the banner---why not!!! MB