Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Morning Mashup

A quick trip to Shreveport allowed us to watch the Run for the Wall riders pass just East of Tyler yesterday near mile marker 576. In 2008 & 2009 I was at the refueling stop in Terrell. It was neat to watch all of the riders pass under the bridge we were on, it gave me goose bumps. Here is one riders thoughts on the ride so far.

Cilla was at Brookshires in Terrell with Japp to watch the riders. Visit her new business page.

I watched the series finale of LOST last night. I think I need to watch it again.

Rockwall Heath 37-0 faces Cleburne in the next round of the HS baseball playoffs. It's a best of 3. Games 1 & 2 are in Cleburne, somehow that doesnt seem fair. UIL needs to seriously look at how playoff games are scheduled. The Hawks were on WFAA HS Gametime last night after LOST.

Good thing the Byron Nelson golf tournament had a 16 year old kid playing yesterday. What has happened to that event? It used to be one of the tournaments of the year, now, there are very few of the top golfers playing there.

This is an easy one......YES.


Halcyon said...

These riders came through Jackson this weekend too. I didn't see them though. :(

brian stout said...

It was chill-inducing to experience the bikes going under the bridge

Jacob said...

Cool shot, Jim. I watched part of the Byron Nelson...there were two young amateurs, both from Texas, I think...they did very well! I don't know what happened, but this tourney has lost some of its luster for the top players.

Kate said...

Now that's what I call a REAL parade!

Lynette said...

Y'all are a couple of lucky guys, you and Brian, who practice amazing foresight and planning that enables you to witness and photograph so much of what interests you each and every day. Thanks, Jim. Now I'm off to thank Brian!