Friday, October 21, 2011

All Tied up

Another great baseball game last night.  The Rangers were able to tie the series and now will have the next 3 games in Arlington, TX.

The Tigers host West Mesquite tonight.  The Tribunes Todd Jorgenson looks at tonights game and the challenges the Tigers have faced with a new coaching staff this year.  Tonight is also Hall of Fame night.  The Tribune profiles this years four inductees.

The NBA talk have broken off and there may be more games cancelled.  Memphis is looking at what I think is a good idea.

Last night was week 3 of the Terrell Citizens Police Academy.  My respect for what our officers do everyday continues to grow.  Last night we heard about CID and SWAT.


Halcyon said...

A very pretty macro. I like the way the background is so blurry.

Happy weekend!

Lynette said...

Good photo, Jim. What are they? Glad you're attending the TCPA. I've thought about doing something like that here, but I can't get there on a bus. My Zipcar budget doesn't run that high 'cause there are months of meetings.

Lowell said...

Well done, Jim. I know the name of this plant but can't remember it right now...seems we had these growing on our golf course in south Florida.

Would I be right in guessing you're rooting for the Rangers? :-)

Lois said...

Very nice!

Cilla said...

Glad to hear that you like TCPA, I would have been there too, but as you know, I am in dispatch at that time... looking forward to have you here soon, hope I am working that day :)