Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jordan era begins 1-0

The Terrell Tigers got off to a fast start under new coach Darrell Jordan last night defeating the Kaufman Lions 44-35.  Tigers QB Shea South ran for 132 yards and scored two touchdowns and RB Dwayne Dowell rushed for 115 yards and also scored twice to lead the Tigers offense.  Frankie Martin let the Tigers receivers with 4 catches for 101 yards.  The Tigers also scored twice on kickoff returns. They next travel to Greenville to take on the Lions on Sept. 2nd.

Tigers QB Shea South sweeps right

Tigers RB Dwayne Dowell cuts back for more yardage


Kate said...

Jim, I am certainly glad that the game was held at night because of the Texas heat. I love football but am becoming more concerned about the game after all the recent publicity about long-term medical problems. Hope your new coach is taking extra precautions with the players. Again, you have capture great action.

Amish Stories said...

Just saying hello and hoping that everyone is safe during hurricane Irene's journey through the northeast. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa.