Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paths cross

There is a Facebook group called You know you are from Terrell when..... The old folks from Terrell post on there about how they would go skating, or old teachers they all had.  I didn't grow up on Terrell, so most of whats on there has no meaning to me.

Sunday a group was created called You Grew Up in Cahokia, IL if you.....  For the past two nights I have been up remembering people, places and events, I forgot about a long time ago.  Cahokia is a small town just on the Illinois side of the Mississippi river from St. Louis.  In three days the group has over 2500 members.  I recognize almost all of the names, and I have been up late the last few nights typing away chatting with old friends.

I had someone email me asking for a copy of the Tigers schedule that I posted on ihigh.  If you are looking for the Terrell Tigers 2011 football schedule, click on the iHigh link.  If you want a copy of it, send me an email.

This is Colquit Rd in Terrell, just off of 205.  It has to be one of the worst maintained roads in Terrell.