Thursday, August 25, 2011


We got lightning, a small grass fire, strong winds, thunder and .06 inches of rain.  It sure seemed like more than that. It was enought to drop the temperature from a high of 104 down to 78.

Live in the Terrell area and like to play Bingo?  A new bingo hall will open on Friday.

Friday is also the opening game of the new varsity football season.  Terrell vs. Kaufman, 7:30, Memorial Stadium.


Tanya said...

whoa, that was a big drop in temps! glad you got a moment of reprieve and i just love this shot of the rain!

Olivier said...

bien fait le reflet de la pluie dans la glace

Halcyon said...

Yay for the rain!!!
The rain drops are beautiful. Hope the temps stay down for awhile.

brian stout said...

I miss bingo!

Lois said...

That must have been a nice break from the heat! I don't want to complain about not having any rain here with it being hurricane season and all.