Monday, May 30, 2011

Polka Fest Parade Grand Marshal

The Grand Marshal for the Polka Fest Parade in Ennis was H. E. Karel Schwarzenberg, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Czech Republic.  

The baseball playoffs continue.  Poteet won their one game playoff Friday night.  Waxahachie was eliminated by Rockwall Heath Saturday.  The Region 2 Regional Final will be Poteet vs. Heath in a best of three at Duncanville beginning Thursday night.  Of the 8 teams remaining in 4A, Terrell played 3 of them this year.  They went 0-2 against Poteet, and 0-1 against both Heath and Burleson in the I-30 Tournament.


Kate said...

I wonder why he was in your city?

Small City Scenes said...

Doesn't he look sorta like Burt Reynolds?? Yes, why was he in your town? Inquiring minds want to know. MB

Jacob said...

I really like your new header collage!

But I gotta ask what in the world was the Deputy Prime Minister, etc., of the Czech Republic doing in Ennis?

Lots of Czech's there?

He doesn't look like he's having too good a time. Tell him to smile and wave, for goodness' sake...that's what a Grand Marshall is supposed to do! :-)

Lynette said...

Thanks for stopping by Portland Oregon Daily Photo, Jim. Yes, she does remind me of Mary Lou Henner from Taxi. Hooray, I found Brian. I think I found you in all four of his photos, too!