Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tigers continue tourament play

The Tigers dropped another game in the I-30 tournament yesterday. Potentially more damaging than a loss of the game was the loss of starting senior pitcher Barrett Calverly who was hit by a line drive on the inside of the knee. The picture above is from earlier in the game.

The tournament losses may not help with the teams confidence, but the only record that will matter is district won/loss.

Brian and I are going to run in the Dash Down Greenville 5K race today. I'll have the camera in tow.


Kate said...

Drink lots of water, and good luck!

Jacob said...

It's too late to wish you well in the run, but I do hope you had a good time and got some good photos!

Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

Congratulations on the race, Jim! I hear you did really GRRREAT!