Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Morning Mashup

Its already March 1st, Theme Day in the City Daily Photo world. This months theme is passageway. It's one of those topics that is open to interpretation. As usual, my choice is a stretch and sports related. Its the passageway down lanes 1 and 2 of the local track. Click here to view thumbnails for all Theme Day participants.

The weather was great Saturday and Sunday. I was able to take some pictures of Tigers baseball on Saturday and First Monday on yesterday. The Tigers have a game scheduled for tonight at home, we will have to wait and see if its postponed, cancelled or moved because of today's rain.

Update: Tonight's game has been cancelled because of weather.

I have all of the Tigers baseball photos uploaded to the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page, be sure to check them out and become a fan.

Primary elections are tomorrow.......thank goodness. You couldn't miss the negative ads in yesterdays Terrell Tribune and these are suppose to be people in the same party. I guess when you want to hold on to your job, you will stoop pretty low.
Of course if a candidate doesn't receive 50% of the vote there is a run off of the top two finishers, so we may not be done yet.

The Olympics are over......when did they start?