Friday, March 12, 2010

Kaufman wins the game heads to playoffs

Last night the Kaufman Lions hosted the Tigers boys soccer team in a game that was moved from Tuesday night because of the weather and field playing conditions. The field was wet and muddy last night but it didn't keep the Lions from scoring 4 second half goals and run away from the Tigers winning 4-0.

The first half was scoreless but each team did have scoring chances. The Lions came out strong in the second half, after senior night festivities that included player and parent introductions and give aways, and put the game away.

The play was rough all game as each team had multiple yellow cards handed out. The end of the match was marred by poor sportsmanship on both sides.


Olivier said...

on peut pas gagner tout le temps ;(. c'est bete que l'esprit sportif n'existe pas dans ce match

Babooshka said...

That photo does remind me of my own. Love it and a sport I know well. Really captured the emotions on those faces. Coming from this side of the pond I know all about those yellow and red cards. Brilliant image.

B SQUARED said...

Seems like good sportsmanship has vanished on all levels. A sad commentary.