Tuesday, October 13, 2009

State Fair of Texas 2009-Rides

These are just some of the rides at the State Fair. I will post more of the Texas Star later today.

My week 5 NFL picks didn't turn out so well. I ended the week 7-7. For the year I am still a respectable 51-24. I also lost in Fantasy Football dropping me to 3-2 and a tie for 3rd place.

The Terrell Tigers football squad is still ranked #20 in the DFW Class 4A poll. Red Oak, their opponent this Friday is ranked #13 in the same poll.


Olivier said...

une fête foraine, j'adore ça, je regrette que cela n'existe pas à Évry. Superbe la grande roue sur la première photo.
state fair, love it, I regret that it is not in Evry. Superb large wheel on the first picture.

Small City Scenes said...

The Mi--YAY---I want to go on some rides. MB

Small City Scenes said...

That is supposed to say Midway--I mind went faster than my fingers. Duh!! MB

B SQUARED said...

I heard Oprah attended the Fair and did a show. Certainly the weekend for upsets.

Jacob said...

I'm hoping you didn't eat everything that was available and then decide to take every ride that was available...that could be an upchucking experience.

And I speak from experience.

I'd guess you had a great time!

Tricia said...

2 tickets for the sky ride, please - for me & Brian! hehehe