Thursday, October 15, 2009

State Fair of Texas 2009-People

Are y'all getting tired of the Fair shots? I will end them with tomorrow with Skywatch Friday.

Baseball playoffs continue tonight, and unless you are from LA or the northeast you probably care about as much as I do. Los Angeles vs. Philadelphia tonight and tomorrow is Los Angeles vs. New York, I have no interest in watching any of it.

As I was driving back from the gym this morning I noticed two skunks playing in a bank parking lot. It was still dark, but the lights from the lot were pretty bright. I had my camera why not try for a shot? I pulled into the lot, then thought what if I roll the window down and they stink? I wouldn't be able to get that smell out of my car for days. So I pulled out of the lot and head home. Strange to see skunks in town.