Thursday, October 15, 2009

State Fair of Texas 2009-People

Are y'all getting tired of the Fair shots? I will end them with tomorrow with Skywatch Friday.

Baseball playoffs continue tonight, and unless you are from LA or the northeast you probably care about as much as I do. Los Angeles vs. Philadelphia tonight and tomorrow is Los Angeles vs. New York, I have no interest in watching any of it.

As I was driving back from the gym this morning I noticed two skunks playing in a bank parking lot. It was still dark, but the lights from the lot were pretty bright. I had my camera why not try for a shot? I pulled into the lot, then thought what if I roll the window down and they stink? I wouldn't be able to get that smell out of my car for days. So I pulled out of the lot and head home. Strange to see skunks in town.


Olivier said...

c'est la fĂȘte, j'aime bien le cow boy

brian stout said...

how long has it been since you had lasik? those were kitty cats!

B SQUARED said...

Is baseball still going on? I agree with you.

Small City Scenes said...

Baseball? What baseball!! LOL
Aw, if those skunks were smelling you would have noticed even before you saw them----TAKE THE PICTURE!!! MB

Rambling Round said...

Lots of diverse stuff going on at the fair! Glad you got to go. (Oh, you were right to leave those skunks alone!)

Jacob said...

I never get tired of seeing fair shots 'cause they bring back lots of good memories.

Never mess with skunks. They are real stinkers!