Friday, October 9, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Terrell flight line

I had to have a picture from the Fly-In last Saturday for today's Skywatch, but I couldn't pick one. I have two.

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The Terrell Tigers football squad is off this week. They return to action next week against the Red Oak Hawks. I am sure Cliff will let us know all about Red Oak in his weekly preview next week in the Tribune. Be sure to check out Cliff's blog, The Full Count v2.o along with the rest of my blog list. Cliff is the sports authority for the Terrell area.

My NFL week 5 picks.

Cincinnati 3-1 (Road: 2-0)
xBaltimore 3-1 (Home: 2-0)

Cleveland 0-4 (Road: 0-2)
xBuffalo 1-3 (Home: 1-1)

xWashington 2-2 (Road: 0-2)
Carolina 0-3 (Home: 0-1)

xPittsburgh 2-2 (Road: 0-2)
Detroit 1-3 (Home: 1-1)

xDallas 2-2 (Road: 1-1)
Kansas City 0-4 (Home: 0-2)

Oakland 1-3 (Road: 1-1)
xNY Giants 4-0 (Home: 1-0)

Tampa Bay 0-4 (Road: 0-2)
xPhiladelphia 2-1 (Home: 1-1)

xMinnesota 4-0 (Road: 2-0)
St. Louis 0-4 (Home: 0-1)

Atlanta 2-1 (Road: 0-1)
xSan Francisco 3-1 (Home: 2-0)

Houston 2-2 (Road: 1-0)
xArizona 1-2 (Home: 0-2)

xNew England 3-1 (Road: 0-1)
Denver 4-0 (Home: 2-0)

xJacksonville 2-2 (Road: 1-1)
Seattle 1-3 (Home: 1-1)

xIndianapolis 4-0 (Road: 2-0)
Tennessee 0-4 (Home: 0-1)

Monday October 12, 2009
xNY Jets 3-1 (Road: 1-1)
Miami 1-3 (Home: 1-1)


magiceye said...

love the 2nd pic

Small City Scenes said...

Both super shots. I really like the 1st one. Lined up perfect. MB

Sylvia K said...

Yes, they're both marvelous shots! Love them both!

Have a great weekend!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I think we are having a fly in here. If the rain lets up. I may take son and go.
Great pictures.

B SQUARED said...

I'm leaning a little more towards Denver at Home.

Kcalpesh said...

Superb shots!

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