Wednesday, October 7, 2009

just for the food

One of the nice things about living in Terrell is we are close to Canton, Texas, which is home to First Monday. We normally make the 25 mile trip for lunch and just to walk around. They have everything from corn dogs to steak sandwiches. My favorites are the kabobs.

We went out to Canton this past weekend, the crowd was insane. Lots of people shopping for bargains. Only two more First Mondays before Christmas.

If you have ever been to Canton, you know a picture or two can never capture just how big it is. If you haven't been to Canton before, what are you waiting for?

The next First Monday is November 6-8.

The Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog is out. I am not picky, you can get me a cup cake.


Olivier said...

il y a foule, c'est impressionnant tous ces stands

Rambling Round said...

So, First Monday is three days long? Okay. Looks like a lota shopping and eatin' goin' on.

Jacob said...

For all the years we lived in Texas, we never made it to Canton...sounds like a lot of fun...

Thanks for the reminder about the Neiman Marcus catalog...I'm going to go do my Xmas shopping now!

B SQUARED said...

I would opt for the Jag or the airplane.

marley said...

I'd love to go but it is a bit of a trek for some shopping and a steak sandwich!

I love the cupcakes :)