Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The fringe of Gustav

I wanted to take one more post to thank Ron and Gayle Harris for showing community spirit and restoring the sign for the old Iris Theatre. The Terrell Tribune also has a story online about Monday nights events.

Gayle Harris in the green dress and owner of Book and Crannies made sure everyone had cake before we went outside for the relighting.

Don Harris made time to try to speak to everyone, answering as many questions as he could about the old theatre and sign. Above Don is speaking to Michelle who owns Opera House Gifts and Decor.

It looks like we are right on the fringe of whats left of Gustav. The sunset last night was magnificent. It was a bit windy and you could watch the clouds moving quickly from north to south, but we really didnt get much rain. To the west it was clear and you could watch the sun set. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me when I was out. Here is a snapshot from my way home from work. We are getting a little bit of rain this morning.

I changed my banner photo. Not sure I will keep that one, but the other one had been up since June 2007 when I started this site.

Be sure to check to link to the right for the Royal Air Force in Texas Fly-in website. Sounds like a great weekend is planned. Make sure you are there.