Monday, July 28, 2008

Today is Deployment day

This morning is deployment day for the Texas Army National Guard. I said yesterday that the troops will be training for a month, then off to Iraq. The training is going to be for 3 months, then off to Iraq. People have been asked to line the streets to show support for the men and women heading off to train, and then to Iraq. Unfortunately, I have to work or I would be out there with everyone else. I said in a post about a month ago that CBS Channel 11 was my favorite local TV station. Here is Channel 11 reporter Bud Gilletts report from Saturday. I posted a few more pictures on More Terrell Photos.

These are the last of the photos from the Deployment Ceremony held Saturday at Ben Gill Park.

See you men and women when you get back. If anyone wants to send pictures in to be posted from the deployment email me at