Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Terrell Texas High School 1958

Yesterday I asked if anyone had a picture of the old Terrell High School to send it in and I would post it. Jim Miller, webmaster for Terrell High Alumni sent in a picture of the high school from the 1958 yearbook. The school has been gone for some time. Here is another picture that Mr. Miller sent me a while back.

To answer a question from yesterdays comments, I never had a Letterman's jacket. I was more of the geek type.....OK I WAS a geek. Back in the early 80s (I graduated in 82) my high school had a radio station and that's where I spent my time. We would broadcast our schools sporting events, had our own radio shows, did our own news, had FCC broadcasters license and everything. That's one of the good memories I have from my high school, Cahokia Sr. High School and WRTE 89.5 FM.