Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jack Evans Administation Building

Across from the Robert A. Terrell octagon house is the Jack Evans Administration Building. It sits on the campus of Southwestern Christian College. I wasn't able to find when the building was built, but I think it predates the Christian College which moved onto the campus in the 50s.

Below is the Mission for the College taken from their website.

SWCC Mission

Southwestern Christian College, founded and sponsored by members of Churches of Christ, is accredited as a four-year (level II), educational college (limited to Bachelor's degree in Bible and Religious Education), with a two-year associate program in the liberal arts. Its purpose is to

 offer a holistic educational program that will motivate the student to value and achieve academic excellence within the context of commitment to moral and spiritual values;
 to assist students in making their transitions from high school to higher education on various levels;
 to assist students in preparation for varied vocations in life;
 to prepare future leaders for their distinct communities and the world at large.


Pat said...

Jim, I love these old buildings. How interesting to read about the school as well.


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Clueless in boston said...

This building looks like the library(?) in your banner. Same style of architecture.

Joy said...

Looks like an interesting building. Like they just had some painting done. I wonder what the tuition's like.

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Isadora said...

A very masculine looking building - and so well maintained.

Southern Heart said...

It's a very pretty building, and it looks like the school takes very good care of it, too.

Jana said...

Great old building. Old buildings have so much character.

nokia said...

I am a graduate of SwCC and I was in shocked when I heard the news about the two buildings destroyed. This school is very educational with its wonderful and interesting history and the wonderful friends and family you make. Southwestern I will always remember!

Student said...

Sadly, I regret to say that this building caught fire this past weekend (Saturday, Jan. 29, 2008).